He directed the engineers for surveying the road through Sigourney,

Iowa. He was a Railroad Construction Engineer at 18 years. President

Cleveland in 1886 made him Chief of the Bureau of Irrigation in Wash-

ington, D.C. and Surveyor General of Nevada, in 1893.


2246. Hannah Elizabeth, b. 2-23-1856 in Iowa City, Iowa. d. in 1952 unm.

She founded Irish Business College at Iowa City, Iowa. She was a

member of the D.A.R. on her mother’s line.

2247. Ruth Ann, b. 6-26-1859; d. 9-7-1949. Before marriage, she was Princi-

al of a School in Iowa City, Iowa.

2248.   m. 10-19-1887, Dr. Charles Hicklen Preston

Children born in Davenport, Iowa:

2261. Susan Abigail Preston, b, 7-31-1888. Teacher & Librarian.

2262. Ella Elizabeth Preston, b. 7-31-1888.

Supervisor of Art in Davenport, Iowa, 1927-1956

2263. Charles Irish Preston, b. 11-2-1892. Mechanical Engineer.

2239. Gilbert Robinson, b. 10-30-1837 in Terre Haute, Indiana. Teacher & Horti-

culturist. d. 6-11-1911 in Iowa City, Iowa.

2240.   m. 10-9-1879, Josephine Martha Strawbridge, b. 4-10-1845; d. 3-15-1922.


2249. Jane Terrell, b. 6-3-1881 in Iowa City, Iowa. Res. “Rose Hill” estate,

Iowa City

2241. Thomas Myrick, b. 2-7-1841 in Iowa City, Iowa. Taught school in Dubuque,

Ia. for more than 40 years. d. 10-21-1931 in Los Angeles, Calif.

2242.   m. 8-6-1868, Margaret Ryan, b. in Wexford, Ireland

Children born in Dubuque, Iowa:

2250. Fred Mortimer, b. 5-16-1870; d. 4-12-1941 in Tempe, Arizona.

2251.   m. 8-9-1900, Katherine Griswold. Divorced. No issue.

2252. Mary, b. 12-5-1872; d. 11- -1908, unm.

2253. John T., b. 4-8-1875; d. 4-22-1944 in Tulare, California.

2254.   m., Pearle Carbaugh, b. No issue.

2255. Isabel, b. 7-5-1877; d. 5-7-1886 in a sledding accident.

2256. Charles, b. 9-23-1879; d. 9-4-1880.

2243. John Powell, b. 1-1-1843 in Iowa City, Iowa. Was an Iowa politician and

Ambassador to Port of San Salvador and representative in Iowa

Legislature; editor of paper in California and farmed in Sacramento

Valley, California. d. 10-6-1923 in street car accident in Oakland,


2244.   m. 11-8-1875, Anna (McClellan) Fletcher.


2257. Frances, b. 11-16-1876; d. 8-28-1952 in Berkeley, California.

2258.   m. 6-15-1905, Francis Hus


2264. Anne Hus; m. David Brower & had 4 children.

2265. Francis Hus, m. 3 times, the last time to a full blooded Japanese;

d. 1957.

2259. John Peck, b. 10-28-1881; d, 1-13-1946 in Oakland, Cal.

2260. m., Elizabeth Lamb. No issue.

2245. Ruth Elizabeth, b, 7-7-I847 at Iowa City, Iowa; d. 3-20-1938 at the “Rose

Hill” estate at Iowa City, Iowa. unm.

NOTE: As a young man, Frederick Macy was a sailor on a whaling ship from Nan-

tucket. He was in the foundry and machine business in Terre Haute,

Indiana and came to Iowa on horseback in the spring of 1839.



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