7776. IRISH, Abel5, (Jesse4, Jonathan3, John2, John1)

b. 9-23-1753 in Dutchess County, New York; d. about 1800. Res. Leicester,

Vermont. His Will was probated 4-13-1802. Also mentioned

in the probate proceedings of Abel’s estate are: Esther Ross,

wife of Joseph Ross; Hannah Waite; Lydia Ballard and Bates


7777.   m. about 1775, Ruth – b.; d. before 5-14-1838.

Children born in Leicester, Addison County, Vermont:

+13715. Zodack, b. about 1775; d. 1800-1810.

13716.   m. (1) about 1796, Abigail Ballard

13717.   m. (2) about 1799, Thankful Coombs, b. 1774-1784.

+13718. William, b. prior to 1784. Res. Starksboro, Vermont

13719.   m., Thankful –, b. prior to 1784

13720. Mary, b.

13721.   m. 10-16-1817, Robert M. Dow of Brandon, Vermont

+13722. Job, b. 2-9-1784 in Wallingford, Vt.; d. 8-31-1865 at Starksboro, Vt.

13723.   m., Sarah (Sally) W. Sales, b. 4-4-1788; d. 2-26-1867.

Dau. of Ezekiel and Martha Sales of Rhode Island.

13724. Zilla (or Lillah), b. in 1787; d. in 1873.

13725.   m. 5-27-1812, Jacob Burnap, b. Moved to Moira, Franklin Co.,

N. Y.

13726. Enoch, b. in 1790. Was in the War of 1812.

13727.   m., Nancy Perkins, b. in 1791

They moved to Dickinson, Franklin County, New York prior

to 1840, at which time they had 3 sons and 5 daughters. In

1850, they were at West Bend, Washington County, Wisconsin

and in 1860 they were in Brown Twp., Linn County, Iowa.

Some of their children were:

13734. George H., b. 7-24-1814 in Dickinson, Franklin County, New York.

At age 22, he went to Lower Canada, then returned to Frank-

lin County, New York.

13735.   m. 10-1-1838, Emily Graves, b. in 1813 in Vermont, dau. of

Barnabus and Abigail (Goth) Graves. About 1844, they moved

to West Bend, Washington County, Wisconsin, where he ran

the Travelers Hotel until about 1865. Then they moved to

Davenport, Iowa where he ran a grocery store.


13763. Delilah S., b. in 1842 at Dickinson, Franklin County, New York

d. in May 1878 in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa. She was a

practicing physician and a member of the Scott County, Iowa

Medical Society.

13764. Nancy J., b. in 1846 in Wisconsin




13765. Frank, b. in 1856 in Wisconsin

18736. Stephen, b. in 1822 in New York

13787. Nancy M., b. in 1830 in New York

13728. Jonas C., b. in Sept. 1793; d. 4-26-1869 in Knox County, Tennessee.

In 1809 he migrated to Freedom, Cattaraugus County, N. Y.

13729.   m. 7-11-1913, Sally Sawyer, b. in 1797; d. 1-16-1866, dau. of Stephen

Sawyer of Leicester, Vermont.                                        *


13738. William, b.; d. at 90 years in Knoxville, Tennessee, unm.

13739. Reuben, b.. He was an M. D. in South Pittsburg, Tenn.

13740. Sawyer M., b. 7-12-1820 in Cattaraugus County, New York.

13741.   m. -1842, Julia Decker, dau. of John Decker of Orange Co.,

N. Y. They moved to Springfield Twp., Summit Co., Ohio.


13766. Melvin, b.

13767. Elizabeth, b.. m. H. Crozier of Portage, Ohio

13768. Carrie, b.. m. H. Neli of Springfield, Ohio

13769. Hattie, b.. m. J. K. Kimes of Portage Co., Ohio

+13742. Jonas, b. 11-18-1828 in New York; d. 4-17-1889 at Knoxville, Tenn.

13743.   m. (1), Harriet M. Dutton of Eagle, New York, b. in 1824

13744.   m. (2) 6-24-1868, Sara R. Dutton, b. 9-18-1838; d. 7-3-1883.

Sister of Harriet. They moved from Eagle, N. Y. to Knoxville, Tenn. in March 1869.

13745. Ruth, b. m. about 1850, Russell Burlingame

13746. Marie Amelia, b.

13747.   m. about 1851, Thomas Foote

Children were:

13770. Milton, Mary and Ellen Foote. Ellen Foote m. – Stoel

and moved to Kansas.

13730. Abel, b. 3-28-1795 in Danby, Vermont; d. 6-27-1873 in Mason, Ingham

County, Michigan. He enlisted in Leicester, Vermont for the

War of 1812 and served from 9-7-1812 to 12-12-1812. He was

a pioneer in Summit County, Ohio, settling near Akron, Ohio,

where they moved after the first child was born. In 1868,

they moved to Alaiedon, Ingham County, Michigan.                 ***

13731.   m. 6-15-1815, Sally McNeill in Whiting, Vermont, b. 8-15-1796;

d. 4-20-1874 in Mason, Ingham County, Michigan. Dau. of

Thomas and Elizabeth (Sabin) McNeill.                            ***


13748. Elizabeth Maria, b. 7-7-1816 in Whiting, Vermont; d. in 1832.

+13749. Talcott Bates, b. 8-31-1818 in Summit County, Ohio; d. 6-12-1885.  ***

13750.   m. 1-1-1839, Sarah Virginia Madison, b. 11-24-1817 in Union-

town, Penn.; d. 3-16-1878 in Mason, Ingham County, Mich.         ***

13751. Jonas, b.; d. in 1838.

13752. Parthenia, b.; d. after 1886.

13753.   m. 12-30-1841, John Fritz

13754. Abel, b.; buried 4-19-1846.

13755. Melvin, b.

+13756. Nelson, b. 5-28-1833; d. in Joplin, Mo. He served in the Civil War.

He first lived in Dansville, Michigan. He took a year to go

by covered wagon to Hayes City, Kansas; then moved to

Joplin, Mo.

13757.   m. (1) in Newport, R. I., Diana Heath, b. in England.

Divorced 1862.

13758.   m. (2) 3-17-1864, Mary E. (Deford) Kinney of England

13759.   m. (3), Susan Wyrick of Portage, Ohio. Separated.

13760.   m. (4), Talitha Spradling




+13761. William Plimpton, b. 5-6-1835 in Summit Co., Ohio; d. 10-25-1923.

He served in the Civil War.

13762.   m. 6-24-1860, Sophia Shoemaker, b. 12-19-1841; d. 2-17-1923, dau.

of Daniel Shoemaker of Portage County, Ohio.

+13732. Jesse, b. in 1797; d. after 5-14-1857 in Dickinson, Franklin County, N. Y.

Will was dated 3-10-1857 and probated 7-6-1857.

13733.   m., Clarissa D. Flint, b. in 1804; d. 3-18-1871. After the death

of her husband, Jesse, she resided at Moira, Franklin Co., N. Y.


  *Buried in the Salem Cemetery near Freedom, Cattaraugus County, New York

 **Buried in the West Hill Cemetery at Wallingford, Rutland County, New York

***Buried in the DuBois Cemetery, Alaiedon Twp., Ingham County, Michigan



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