7786. Joseph, b. 9-7-1775; d. 8-11-1842 at Wallingford, Vermont. His Will

was dated 8-20-1842.

7787.   m. 12-26-1800, Eunice Brownell, b. 2-7-1777 at Nine Partners,

N. Y.; d. 5-28-1865 at Wallingford, Vermont. They lived on

the East side of Danby, Vermont. She resided m Wallingford,

Vermont in 1850-1860. They were Quakers and both are

buried in the Nichols Farm Cemetery, Danby, Vermont.

They never raised any children of their own, but brought up sev-

eral children of other parents.

7788. Rhoda, b. about April 1777

7772. Hannah, b. 1-15-1747. Prob. m. Jonathan Wickham

+7773. Jonathan, b. 12-29-1749; d. in 1832, at Peru, Clinton County, N. Y.

7774.   m., Deborah Wilbor, b. 11-11-1756; d. in 1847. After death of

her husband, Jonathan, she

m. (2) John Barlow

7775. Sarah, b. 9-25-1751; d. 10-15-1751.

+7776. Abel, b. 9-23-1753 in Leicester, Vermont; d. in 1800. Estate probated


7777.   m., Ruth –

7778. Martha, b. 1-3-1756

7779.   m. 4-15-1786, Peleg Brownell of Dartmouth, Mass.

+7780. Stephen, b. 2-17-1759; d. in Albion, Erie County, Penn.

7781.   m. (1), Miranda –, b. 4-29-1764

7782.   m. (2) 4-1-1807, Sally Sayles at Wallingford, Vermont, b. 4-4-1788

dau. of Ezekiel and Martha Sayles



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7760. IRISH, David5, (Jesse4, Jonathan3, John2, John1)

b. 7-11-1735 in North Kingston, Washington County, Rhode Island.

d. 11-12-1807 in Shelburne, Vermont. His Will was probated


7761.   m.o.m. 4-7-1759 at Nine Partners, New York, Ann – who d. in 1808 in

Danby, Vermont. They were Quakers, and were in Oswego

M. M. Dutchess County, N. Y. in 1760. He was Freeman in

Danby, Vermont in 1778. Was transferred to the Easton, New

York M. M. in February 1793.


7789. Catey Ruth, b. 10-13-I759 in Oblong, Dutchess County, New York

7790.   m., Job Conger, b. He m. (2) Hannah Kelley

7791. Hannah, b. m. – Hull

7792. Philenah, b. m. Phillip Thearman